Identifying your website visitors and turning them into buyers.

Anonymous Visitors: Incognito Script

Less than 2% of your web visitors make contact with your dealership. Incognito Data identifies and markets to the opted-in visitors of the remaining 98%.

Your Website Visitors

98% or more of your visiting website traffic leaves without making any contact to your dealership. Our Incognito Script identifies the contact data of those visitors.

Delivering Quality Leads

Any lead sourced through our system will be delivered to your CRM

Efficient Marketing

We track a visiting users every action, to help you optimize your user experiences.

Anonymous Visitors: Incognito Script

Asking your team to market to thousands of web visitors every month would fail. We aren’t just going to throw tons of data at you and hope that it ends well. We’re going to deliver the most in-market leads to your CRM.

We do this by email marketing to the identified opt-in visitors. When a person clicks back through from the email to your website, we deliver their information and exactly what pages they were looking at as a HOTT lead. Also, anyone that calls you as a result of our email marketing is delivered to your CRM as a phone lead.

The Incognito Data in-house email marketing will send a series of emails (drip campaign) to identified marketing opt-in visitors.

Incognito Dashboard

The Incognito Dashboard tool effectively organizes and reports identified visitor behavior and engagement.

View stats on emails sent, opened, clicked through, leads submitted.

Identify and export extremely targeted prospect lists for call nights, etc.

Use the tool as a prospecting tool for your staff to call, qualify, and deliver leads to your CRM.

Identify and export extremely targeted prospect lists for call nights, etc.
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